Sunday, November 28, 2010

some things we're working on...

I was going to email Melissa my picks for some projects we're working on but I thought I would post them and maybe get some feedback just in case my ideas are way off!

We brought in a round pedestal table to our showroom because meeting with clients at our desk wasn't working out anymore. For one thing, it was a little too cozy. The clincher was that we sold our pink desk. That was the real basis for the change, really. Ha! We want to use one of our custom fabrics for a table cloth and here are my picks:

 I mean, it's turquoise!

 I still love faux bois. Also, I like it because we're covering up a wood table. How droll. 

A. It's turquoise. B. there's some black which will tie in nicely with some black pieces we have available. I like the white as well. 

Also, turquoise. I like the flow of the pattern but I'm not sure about the beige?

We're also working on a mini recliner for our own line. It's so cute but how cutesy to go with the fabric?

I love this fabric! I think it would look so cute and fresh and if it found its way into your living room, it wouldn't be hard on the eyes. I think kids would get a kick out of it, too!

This damask ikat isn't childish but that's why I like it for the chair. The lil' owner would feel very mature as he or she reclined and flipped through the Complete Works of Dr. Seuss. 

We're also working on a twin bed and a little stool to go in a little girl's room. We're having an upholstered panel added to the headboard and footboard and this is my pick for the fabric:

We painted the bed a Benjamin Moore colour, Pale Avocado. It's a lighter green than the leaves are but I like that because it is soft and feminine without being too predictable. The background colour looks pink on my monitor but it's actually more of a cream.


  1. love option 3! happy weekend!

  2. LOVE the first fabric, especially as I look to my right and enjoy the most fabulous drapes I have ever owned, thank you Turquoise Shed!!



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