Thursday, November 4, 2010


According to its owner, this chair is a death trap. That's spooky. More importantly though, the chair is a reminder of a dear friend who passed away. It needs a makeover! Nobody should risk their lives sitting at their computer (as its owner does) and with a little (alright. Maybe a lot) of elbow grease, extra support, some paint and a new cushion, this chair could sit proudly and safely in the home of a young professional who just moved back to the Island.

Our Judges' Thoughts:

Kelly:  Hmmm...what can I say really?  Needs work?  Yeah.  This chair NEEDS work.  No wait, this chair NEEDS WORK!   It's got good bones though.  A little turquoise Shed magic and this could be a great little piece, and no longer a risk to the owners health and safety.

Kate: At first glance I thought this was an ultra funky chair with a  cowhide
seat...but upon closer inspection, I see it is just the  opposite, it even looks
like someone has been munching on the seat! This  chair must be chalk full of
sentimental value because it's definitely  void of style value. I agree that it
could look great with some honest  work.

Sara: I just love the big finials on top of the back (I think that part of the chair is called a "stile") and the turned spindles. It looks like it was a quality piece at one time- which is likely why it has lasted to long! The slipseat should be easy and fun to re-upholster. With just a little TLC I think this chair could look like an expensive  show piece!!

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