Sunday, November 28, 2010

some things we're working on...

I was going to email Melissa my picks for some projects we're working on but I thought I would post them and maybe get some feedback just in case my ideas are way off!

We brought in a round pedestal table to our showroom because meeting with clients at our desk wasn't working out anymore. For one thing, it was a little too cozy. The clincher was that we sold our pink desk. That was the real basis for the change, really. Ha! We want to use one of our custom fabrics for a table cloth and here are my picks:

 I mean, it's turquoise!

 I still love faux bois. Also, I like it because we're covering up a wood table. How droll. 

A. It's turquoise. B. there's some black which will tie in nicely with some black pieces we have available. I like the white as well. 

Also, turquoise. I like the flow of the pattern but I'm not sure about the beige?

We're also working on a mini recliner for our own line. It's so cute but how cutesy to go with the fabric?

I love this fabric! I think it would look so cute and fresh and if it found its way into your living room, it wouldn't be hard on the eyes. I think kids would get a kick out of it, too!

This damask ikat isn't childish but that's why I like it for the chair. The lil' owner would feel very mature as he or she reclined and flipped through the Complete Works of Dr. Seuss. 

We're also working on a twin bed and a little stool to go in a little girl's room. We're having an upholstered panel added to the headboard and footboard and this is my pick for the fabric:

We painted the bed a Benjamin Moore colour, Pale Avocado. It's a lighter green than the leaves are but I like that because it is soft and feminine without being too predictable. The background colour looks pink on my monitor but it's actually more of a cream.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Free(ish) Fridays! The Holidays!

I... can't... stop... obsessing over holiday details!! Here are some more lovely ideas for this week's Free(ish) Friday.

It's harder than you'd think to find diy's for ornaments that aren't penguins made with toothpicks and other cutesyness. I like these though, and the colours. This diy comes from Martha Stewart.

I love, love, love the string of recycled cards. I would love it on the banister or the tree. Also, from Martha Stewart.

So, I guess this is the Martha Stewart post but I'm not going to apologize. These ornaments remind me of a diy lamp project we showed you before. You could practice with these first and then tackle the lamp in the new year!

I read somewhere that tree toppers are out. Blah, blah, blah.

I love this. And not just because it's pink. But that has a lot to do with it. Also, it is SO easy! Here are the instructions.

Maybe this is too much? But say you're like Sara Richardson and you have more than one tree in your house to decorate and this one is in the family room maybe? I would love this. The key is wired ribbon and it is easy!

The wreath. Maybe you picture the traditional fir wreath, which are great but if you want your door to stand out from your neighbors', try this diy felt wreath.

You wouldn't want to put this on your front door but you might want to leave it up all year. Here's how to make one for yourself!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's so easy being green

Maybe it's because it's almost December and the grass is officially covered with snow but I want to scrap my original idea of reupholstering my couch in a dark gray and go for green instead. Here's some green to remind you of what's going on under all the snow.

I want this couch, hold the leopard pillow. Not my taste but I admire someone who goes for it. I do like unexpected touches. 

You know what else I love about this picture? The neat pile on the table, aka the vignette. I love an arty pile. I'd like to publish a coffee table book of nice piles. Something feels weird about saying pile so much?
 Nice couch. But the windows are just so-so, right?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Free(ish) Fridays! The Holidays!

Oh, I love the holidays! And with Christmas being just over a month away, it's time for me to start obsessing over everything about the holidays. I'm sad to admit that we will be putting up a fake tree again this year. I would love a beautiful, full, fragrant tree but my better half thinks that the kids will try to eat the needles and then choke and ruin Christmas? It's a battle I can't win. Hopefully, next year will be my year. Moving on, I'm getting excited and want to share some holiday DIY ideas and some other goodies... Let us know if you have any good ideas or if you tackle any of the ones below!

I love this. I wouldn't use yellow post it notes but I love these ones and you can throw in some special cards that you've saved and maybe some family pics from the past. Maybe a pic of something on your wish list, to remind everyone?
I found this on poppytalk.

O.K. I obviously don't want anyone to have a real tree either. I love this though! I think we'll get this together for next month's showroom window. I came across this image on Desire To Decorate, which I love.

Switching gears to these cute homemade stockings that I found here. Here is a link teach you how to make your own!

It was harder than I thought to find some some stockings that weren't your typical Christmas colours and patterns. But then I found these and I want them all. Perfect idea: I get all of these stockings and two are for my kids, one for my paranoid husband and the rest will be stuffed with extra presents for me!

So, these aren't free or DIY but I can't resist them. I found them at Plum Cushion on Etsy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

breaking news

Grass cloth is nice and all but I want this.

It's made from recycled newspaper and it costs about as much as one million newspapers. Oops. I meant, but it costs about as much as a million newspapers. There's always something, isn't there. Sigh. Well, even though it's hundreds of dollars per roll, it fades in the sunlight. Who said design is always practical (see: white sofas).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The winner of a complete makeover is...

The telephone table! Congrats! It was a tough call but this vintage table's potential brought it to the front of the line. We can't wait to see the 'after'!

Thank you to everyone who entered a scary piece in our first Halloween contest! We had so much fun picturing what the pieces would look like with new paint, fabric and hardware. I wish they could have all won but between Melissa and I, we have three kids to put through university... We'll be posting the transformed telephone table as soon as it's all spruced up!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ta-da! The top finalists in the Turquoise Shed Halloween Contest!

Woo hoo! We received so many entries for our first ever contest! Our expectations were exceeded. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Check out the top five finalists below, followed by our two pics for honourable mention. Check back to read our esteemed judges' comments and soon we'll announce the winner of a complete make over, courtesy of Turquoise Shed!

Speaking of our lovely judges... check them out:

Katelyn Fraser is a talented photographer and intrepid entrepreneur. Please check out her beautiful work and to get an inside look at what it takes to be a photographer, follow her blog.

Kelly Casely is a fashion designer and owner of The Green Man- Vintage and Vinyl. Her store boasts the best vintage fashion and carries creations by local artisans. You can learn about fashion on her blog greenmangirl.

Sara Fraser is an insightful reporter on CBC's Compass. She also designs pillows that are made with vintage fabrics. You can get her pillows at The Green Man.


According to its owner, this chair is a death trap. That's spooky. More importantly though, the chair is a reminder of a dear friend who passed away. It needs a makeover! Nobody should risk their lives sitting at their computer (as its owner does) and with a little (alright. Maybe a lot) of elbow grease, extra support, some paint and a new cushion, this chair could sit proudly and safely in the home of a young professional who just moved back to the Island.

Our Judges' Thoughts:

Kelly:  Hmmm...what can I say really?  Needs work?  Yeah.  This chair NEEDS work.  No wait, this chair NEEDS WORK!   It's got good bones though.  A little turquoise Shed magic and this could be a great little piece, and no longer a risk to the owners health and safety.

Kate: At first glance I thought this was an ultra funky chair with a  cowhide
seat...but upon closer inspection, I see it is just the  opposite, it even looks
like someone has been munching on the seat! This  chair must be chalk full of
sentimental value because it's definitely  void of style value. I agree that it
could look great with some honest  work.

Sara: I just love the big finials on top of the back (I think that part of the chair is called a "stile") and the turned spindles. It looks like it was a quality piece at one time- which is likely why it has lasted to long! The slipseat should be easy and fun to re-upholster. With just a little TLC I think this chair could look like an expensive  show piece!!


This desk has been with its owner for many years and in many apartments. Now, the desk sits behind a door in its owner's first home. There must be something that keeps this desk around, throughout the years and all the moves. It deserves some love and attention so it can be on the same level as all the other beautiful furniture in this stylish house. At least it deserves to get a better view than the back of a door! It's only fair.

According to the judges:
Kate:  I love this, the idea of a covered desk is genius...  five o'clock, time to
close the desk! I agree 100% that this piece  deserves a better view (and a
fresh coat of paint and pulls).

Sara: For the secretary-style desk, I would leave it the colour it is- just refinish. I love the wood and I don't think anything would be added to this style of desk by painting it.
So on the desk: as the Dragons say on Dragon's Den: "I'm Out".

Kelly: I heart this desk.  Such mystery concealed within.  So many romantic little notes to be penned(I'm already picking out new stationary in my mind)...but not as is, and not behind that door!  Imagine this piece in a bright bold color with some new hardware!  Oh!  Imagine if it was one color on the outside and another inside!  Such joie de vivre!  Ah, be still me beating heart.


The owner of this chair moved into her first house and it's completely updated and stunning. This chair needs a face lift in order to fit in with its fabulous surroundings! I love mid century chairs and this one would sing with some new upholstery and maybe, just maybe two buttons?

What say you, judges?

Sara: The mid-century retro chair is slightly less deserving in that it was a cheaper piece to begin with. That being said these modern silhouettes are making a big comeback.
So well worth a makeover. I would paint the legs and upholster it in something fun and cosy like (fun) fur or chenille.

Kelly: This is potentially a great chair.  It looks like it once was a great chair, came by some hard times(the recession hit everyone hard), but was unwilling to admit even to itself, that it was time for a bit of a face lift.  A modern print in a bright color and two buttons and this chair becomes a sought after piece once again.

Kate: I have been seeing these chairs all over the place, they look so stylish
when updated! Two buttons may be a tall order, but I am sure Turquoise Shed can


This thrift store score comes from someone stylish who desperately needs somewhere to perch while she puts on her fabulous shoes. Her glamorous wallpaper is a like a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and the telephone table is a ratty pair of flats from Payless. It's just not right! This piece needs a makeover!

The judges weigh in:
Kate: The bench is a find and a half, a little style makeover and it will
compliment  this accent wall very nicely. It may have been Grandma's bench, but
it doesn't have to look like Grandma's bench.

Sara: I adore the little phone table/bench. And it needs help. SOME help. Maybe re-upholstered in gray tweed with red piping to match the owner's decor? And a coat of black paint (I love black furniture right now). But again... although down-at-the-heels, it is not on its last legs.

Kelly: I love vintage anything.  But sometimes vintage pieces can be helped along with small updates here and there.  Like this telephone table.  No longer a necessary piece for most home owners(the exception being the few die hard rotary users, we do exist!),  but very cute and potentially stylish none the less.  Imagine the long romantic calls that could take place while you perch elegantly on the edge of the seat slipping on a pair of cute kitten heels.   New fabric!  Bright paint!  And new hardware!  Judging by the wallpaper the owner is not afraid of a bold statement, so lets go bold!


This rocking chair 'came from away'. And the owner has come a long way, too! From her days of having to use boxes covered with wrapping paper for her decor, to being married and living back on the Island- she's ready for a more sophisticated look. That's where we come in! I love this rocker- the whimsical curves of the wood. I think it would look great painted and with new cushions upholstered in a mature, graphic print. But that's just me. I'm not the judge.

 Stylish judges, what say you?

Kelly: I once lived with one of these rocking chairs.  Sigh.  It is no longer with me.  Which in the long run might be a good thing.  Because if this rocker gets refinished and mine didn't I would be very upset. Very, very upset!  My only fear here is that if you recover this chair, you're going to have to keep going.  The couch will pale in comparison to the newly accented curves, the curtains will look drab and boring, new rugs! new lamps!   Lets paint the walls and buy new end tables!...i guess what I'm trying to say is this:  the rocking chair would look amazing after a good old fashioned Turquoise Shed fix up!

Katelyn: I likes me a good rocker, and this one is no exception, the curvy  wooden
details would really come alive with a fun, fresh colour.

Sara: The Bentwood rocker certainly needs a major facelift and I agree a coat of paint and new upholstery would be just the ticket. BUT, alas, it is not quite scary enough.
The upholstery needs to be un-usable.. then it might be a winner. Maybe by the time the SECOND Annual scary furniture contest rolls around?

Honourable Mentions!

This entry deserves mention because of the clever DIY behind it. It's almost always better to try and find another purpose for a piece, rather than toss it out. This piece was used as a change table and after that was no longer needed (lucky. I'm up to my eye balls in diapers...), it was given a coat of paint, some hardware and fabric behind the glass fronts for hidden storage and is now used as an entertainment unit. Clever!
Thanks for entering! Check out the next post for our other honourable mention...

Honourable Mention!

 These chairs are unbelievable. If anybody needs any foam, these chairs have some to spare. The lucky owner just bought their first house and were short on furniture. A friend selflessly parted with the chairs in order to help her out. Awww. But seriously, these chairs could be great! The rocker could be functional and quirky piece in a nursery or family room.

 Painted in a pale green

And comfortable cushions upholstered in a fun print, with crisp white piping. Cute. 
Thanks for entering!


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