Friday, November 19, 2010

Free(ish) Fridays! The Holidays!

Oh, I love the holidays! And with Christmas being just over a month away, it's time for me to start obsessing over everything about the holidays. I'm sad to admit that we will be putting up a fake tree again this year. I would love a beautiful, full, fragrant tree but my better half thinks that the kids will try to eat the needles and then choke and ruin Christmas? It's a battle I can't win. Hopefully, next year will be my year. Moving on, I'm getting excited and want to share some holiday DIY ideas and some other goodies... Let us know if you have any good ideas or if you tackle any of the ones below!

I love this. I wouldn't use yellow post it notes but I love these ones and you can throw in some special cards that you've saved and maybe some family pics from the past. Maybe a pic of something on your wish list, to remind everyone?
I found this on poppytalk.

O.K. I obviously don't want anyone to have a real tree either. I love this though! I think we'll get this together for next month's showroom window. I came across this image on Desire To Decorate, which I love.

Switching gears to these cute homemade stockings that I found here. Here is a link teach you how to make your own!

It was harder than I thought to find some some stockings that weren't your typical Christmas colours and patterns. But then I found these and I want them all. Perfect idea: I get all of these stockings and two are for my kids, one for my paranoid husband and the rest will be stuffed with extra presents for me!

So, these aren't free or DIY but I can't resist them. I found them at Plum Cushion on Etsy

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