Thursday, November 4, 2010


This rocking chair 'came from away'. And the owner has come a long way, too! From her days of having to use boxes covered with wrapping paper for her decor, to being married and living back on the Island- she's ready for a more sophisticated look. That's where we come in! I love this rocker- the whimsical curves of the wood. I think it would look great painted and with new cushions upholstered in a mature, graphic print. But that's just me. I'm not the judge.

 Stylish judges, what say you?

Kelly: I once lived with one of these rocking chairs.  Sigh.  It is no longer with me.  Which in the long run might be a good thing.  Because if this rocker gets refinished and mine didn't I would be very upset. Very, very upset!  My only fear here is that if you recover this chair, you're going to have to keep going.  The couch will pale in comparison to the newly accented curves, the curtains will look drab and boring, new rugs! new lamps!   Lets paint the walls and buy new end tables!...i guess what I'm trying to say is this:  the rocking chair would look amazing after a good old fashioned Turquoise Shed fix up!

Katelyn: I likes me a good rocker, and this one is no exception, the curvy  wooden
details would really come alive with a fun, fresh colour.

Sara: The Bentwood rocker certainly needs a major facelift and I agree a coat of paint and new upholstery would be just the ticket. BUT, alas, it is not quite scary enough.
The upholstery needs to be un-usable.. then it might be a winner. Maybe by the time the SECOND Annual scary furniture contest rolls around?

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