Friday, May 28, 2010

Free(ish) Fridays!

This week's free(ish) Friday post is one I'm taking advantage of as I type.  I came across this PDF a while ago on Kind Over Matter and have been waiting for an excuse to use it ever since. I will finally get to use them tomorrow night for Melissa's bridal shower!

These labels were intended for use on Valentine's Day but I think they suit our sources just fine. Oh, and we'll be using them on wine bottles because wine is way more fun than water. Click here to get the PDF!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colour Inspiration: TEAL!

We're currently painting two custom side tables in a beautiful teal- reminiscent of a peacock's feathers. I'm falling for the colour. SICO paints picked teal as a top colour trend for 2010. In case you're not convinced, here's some teal inspiration for you. 

I love this upholstered headboard. The tufted buttons, mirrored side table, sconces and bedding make the room luxe. The bold, graphic window treatments keep the room from being too stuffy. (

This home owner isn't being shy. Way to go for it! Teal walls- bold choice and I love it. It doesn't hurt that the room has beautiful high ceilings. The darker ceiling helps to ground the room. If you don't have that 'problem', try painting your ceilings a shade or two lighter than the walls to create the illusion of a larger space. (

Our clever client pulled the teal for her side tables from a treasured painting. In this room, the lamp shade colour is pulled from the art. It's a handy way to add a punch of colour to your room without letting the room feel frenetic. (Domino, November 2007 via

And for the love of all that's decorate-able, don't forget the exterior. My friend Michelle suggested I paint my door a bold colour when I was thinking of just going for white (I'm going for a lot of white lately). Good advice! As soon as my garden is in, I'm going to pick a colour from it for inspiration and have fun with it.

Ahh... I love paint. It's such a simple solution and you can't go wrong! Well, you can go wrong but then you can just paint over the wrong to make it right.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a good thing that the internet is just a fad. There's too much to distract me from my work!

I defy you to go to Etsy to find something specific and actually stay on task. It's very difficult! I went to my Etsy account in order to reply to inquiries and here's what happened instead. (P.S: sorry if you are waiting to hear back from us! Can you blame me for being distracted?!)

I'm just going to take a peak around Etsy and then I'll be able to focus on work. I love my boss! I also love this "Bubble Chandelier by Jean Pelle" by Lighting

I love these "Little Darlings" and everything by Rosebud Beads.
I'm just settling into my coffee now anyway so then I'll be perked up enough to work. Till then...

Cute. I need this to put my stuff in. Like those Little Darlings earings...  "Vintage Faux Jewel Turquoise Tin" by B.Inspired Vintage

Alright. I'm starting to get that feeling like I should get down to business but instead I found this shop and piece:

"Work Hard Sleep Hard- Graphic Design Print", by Hue Concept

I can take a hint. I should put this right above my desk. Plus, I just spilled coffee on my new shirt. Bah.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free(ish) Fridays!

I first heard about Vintage Printables from the Nov.'09 issue of Style at Home in their High/Low feature and have been a steady stalker of the site ever since. The site is organized by topic and colour and you can spend hours scrolling through the images, from palmistry to lion tamers. Buy some large frames with a generous matting and frame an image that catches your eye or create your own grouping with a complimentary theme or colour story. Et voila! Art that is interesting, unique, easy and free(ish)!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


A friend is painting her new place and was contemplating grey. Some people have been trying to talk her out of it. Now, I may be biased (because there is a lot of grey in my house) but I love grey. Here are some examples of grey rooms that prove that grey isn't boring, dark or drab. In fact, it can easily be calming, crisp, luxe and chic. So, there.

I love grey + yellow.  And with all that pattern and texture, you can't say it's boring. Well, you can do whatever you want. But you'd be wrong.

Grey can be luxe. Which is not boring. 

NOT boring/bland/dark. Thank you.
(Elle Decor via The Lennoxx)

I mean, come on! Grey AND turquoise?!
(Domino via House Of Turquoise

Case. Closed. 
(via bkkhome)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NO EXCUSE....really, I'm not even going to try...'s been a long time since either of us have been here.  Pretty bad I know.  Anything I say would just be an excuse so let's just not go there...
I figure the best way to actually get back to this, is coming on here and telling you,that we are now committing to being back! There now, it's out in the cyber-world, and there will be too much public shame if we go away this long ever again!

Alright, now that's said........

I'm OBSESSED with weddings right I very well should be.  Mine is in 2.5 months.  So you can imagine that making sure every detail is just so is always on my mind.  I'm taking the full on Turquoise Shed approach...making the old new, fun and current again, with ever present vintage touches.  
Anyway I thought I should share my currant obsession with you all, so I can get it off my chest and back to this integral part of the monstrous project that is Turquoise Shed!!


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