Thursday, November 4, 2010


The owner of this chair moved into her first house and it's completely updated and stunning. This chair needs a face lift in order to fit in with its fabulous surroundings! I love mid century chairs and this one would sing with some new upholstery and maybe, just maybe two buttons?

What say you, judges?

Sara: The mid-century retro chair is slightly less deserving in that it was a cheaper piece to begin with. That being said these modern silhouettes are making a big comeback.
So well worth a makeover. I would paint the legs and upholster it in something fun and cosy like (fun) fur or chenille.

Kelly: This is potentially a great chair.  It looks like it once was a great chair, came by some hard times(the recession hit everyone hard), but was unwilling to admit even to itself, that it was time for a bit of a face lift.  A modern print in a bright color and two buttons and this chair becomes a sought after piece once again.

Kate: I have been seeing these chairs all over the place, they look so stylish
when updated! Two buttons may be a tall order, but I am sure Turquoise Shed can

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