Friday, January 28, 2011

Year of the Bunny Rabbit!

Since we are ushering in the year of the rabbit, we thought it was only appropriate to share the trailer for a brand new preschool webseries, Bunny Bop! It is by the creators of The Big Comfy Couch and is super cute. Turquoise Shed painted the lil' furniture and loved every minute of being a part of the creation of Bunny Bop! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

double the fun?

We're working on adding a bunk bed to a girl's room we're designing. There's something comforting about a bunk bed, isn't there? I think of sleepovers and camp. But now we're thinking of how to pretty them up, too. Bunk beds have come a long way. Proof:

There's hide-a-beds and then there's hide-a-bunk-beds.

Oooh. Bunk bed built-ins. They look like they're on a fancy ship. Or a band's tour bus. A really clean, classy band. 

 When I was a kid I begged my father to build me one of those bunk beds that had a desk and closet under it. Basically, a whole room in a bunk bed. It never happened. There's a hole in my heart because of that.  I would also loved this in a different colour. 

As you can see, ladders have also come a long way.

Let's hope this next one isn't the bunk bed of my relationship's future:

Here's an ad for bunk beds. Not sure what's going on exactly?

mini home

Who says you need a big space to make a statement? I love this little house! And the best thing about it? It's too small for the rest of my family to join me. Looks like it's alllll for me.

The style of this house is called Pigeonnier, from France. They were used to house- you guessed it- pigeons, and also as low rent apartments. Hopefully, not both simultaneously. Eww.

I'm not sure what's behind door number one. Bath? Kitchen? Combo? Regardless, what a cute lil' house! I love all the original wood and the pink and well, everything.

Love the painted brick. If she had left the brick unpainted, it would have been so much darker, gloomier and pigeon poopier, no? 

Love it. That ceiling is way nicer to stare up at than one of those boob lights. 

(boob light. sad.)

I found this house here and I heard about it from a talented micromom

Monday, January 24, 2011

I want.

We would both love to  build our own houses. I always find myself drawn to industrial spaces, barns and the like. Of course, it would have to look like this killer barn. I love the staircase/library. And it's so bright! Drool. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

We are super busy working on a new aspect of our business- interior design! We also have a new website in the works complete with a new online magazine/blog heretofore referred to as our magablog because we like the way that sounds. We are managing to squeeze in some pieces for our own line and here is a sneek peak! What do you think?

 We sold our fuschia desk that we had redesigned for our own use and we thought we would try something different (read: NOT bright pink). We like how the colours are on the masculine side but the shape and hardware are feminine. Like Melissa and I. Just kidding. Oh! We also painted the lamp. We can do that for you, too. Add a crisp shade and voila! Updated lamp to suit your decor. 

This upholstered bench is in our showroom and we swear it makes sense in the space! If you don't believe us, check it out for yourself.  Now, we really like it in our showroom but if you have a hankering for turquoise faux alligator vinyl, we might be able to part with it... 

I just realized that these sneak peeks are of pieces that are for our own use but at least you get a look at what we're working on. We have some side tables, mirrors, lamps, and coffee tables that we're working on and we'll post the pictures soon. 


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