Thursday, November 4, 2010


This thrift store score comes from someone stylish who desperately needs somewhere to perch while she puts on her fabulous shoes. Her glamorous wallpaper is a like a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and the telephone table is a ratty pair of flats from Payless. It's just not right! This piece needs a makeover!

The judges weigh in:
Kate: The bench is a find and a half, a little style makeover and it will
compliment  this accent wall very nicely. It may have been Grandma's bench, but
it doesn't have to look like Grandma's bench.

Sara: I adore the little phone table/bench. And it needs help. SOME help. Maybe re-upholstered in gray tweed with red piping to match the owner's decor? And a coat of black paint (I love black furniture right now). But again... although down-at-the-heels, it is not on its last legs.

Kelly: I love vintage anything.  But sometimes vintage pieces can be helped along with small updates here and there.  Like this telephone table.  No longer a necessary piece for most home owners(the exception being the few die hard rotary users, we do exist!),  but very cute and potentially stylish none the less.  Imagine the long romantic calls that could take place while you perch elegantly on the edge of the seat slipping on a pair of cute kitten heels.   New fabric!  Bright paint!  And new hardware!  Judging by the wallpaper the owner is not afraid of a bold statement, so lets go bold!

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