Thursday, November 4, 2010


This desk has been with its owner for many years and in many apartments. Now, the desk sits behind a door in its owner's first home. There must be something that keeps this desk around, throughout the years and all the moves. It deserves some love and attention so it can be on the same level as all the other beautiful furniture in this stylish house. At least it deserves to get a better view than the back of a door! It's only fair.

According to the judges:
Kate:  I love this, the idea of a covered desk is genius...  five o'clock, time to
close the desk! I agree 100% that this piece  deserves a better view (and a
fresh coat of paint and pulls).

Sara: For the secretary-style desk, I would leave it the colour it is- just refinish. I love the wood and I don't think anything would be added to this style of desk by painting it.
So on the desk: as the Dragons say on Dragon's Den: "I'm Out".

Kelly: I heart this desk.  Such mystery concealed within.  So many romantic little notes to be penned(I'm already picking out new stationary in my mind)...but not as is, and not behind that door!  Imagine this piece in a bright bold color with some new hardware!  Oh!  Imagine if it was one color on the outside and another inside!  Such joie de vivre!  Ah, be still me beating heart.

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