Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WE LOVE ______ !

Chevron! Well, any bold, geometric pattern, really. Chevron is a mainstay in design but it's been tweaked along the way. There's only so much you can take in one space (I guess) but the more inspiration you have, the better you'll be able to edit your vision. Here's some zigzag- stripe inspiration for you.

The pale colours of this Chevron Lamp Shade by Home Sweet tones down the pattern. Zigzags can be subtle.

 Chevron can be snail mail. These Kate Spade Green Chevron Notecards are available from Pixel Impress.

Zigzags can be practical. These Black Chevron Cork Tiles are available at Black Kettles.

Oooh. Chevron under foot. I love this wood flooring.
(photo courtesy of nestdallas)

Zigzags can be on the crazier side. But I still love it. 
(photo courtesy of simple creative inspiration)

 You couldn't miss this painted statement wall. I love chevron in all colours but classic black and white lends itself nicely to many styles. One could say that the zigzag is versatile? Check out this wall's story at Apartment Therapy.


  1. I LOVE that wood flooring!!!! SO MUCH! It makes me smile this big ---> : D

  2. I totally LOVE the wood flooring as well, but FYI not chevron, it's actually herringbone



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