Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Free(ish) Friday

Well, free(ish) because what can you really get for free? Especially for home decor... Anyway, today's theme is pendant lamps. It might not even be budgetary concerns that send you DIYing. Sometimes, it's impossible to find what you want when you live say, on an Island... I love these ideas. They're simple and inexpensive and could be done this weekend!


This pendant lamp was revamped to look like Haldane Martin's
Ostriche Chandelier for a total of $12! Click here to get to Apartment Therapy for the how-to's.


I may be getting a head of myself here but Spring is only 15 days away... I love this simple outdoor planter pendant lamp from Design*Sponge! You could paint it any colour, and use different sized planters alone or cluster them together.

You could do this this weekend. Make it any size and colour you want. But no pressure. Here's how.

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