Monday, March 29, 2010

New Stuff by Turquoise Shed

Check out some of our newer pieces! You can make an appointment to view them in our showroom and you can check them out at our Etsy shop, too.  We love finding furniture that needs refreshing and deciding what we want to do to it to make it sing again.

A pair of slippers... chairs. Seafoam upholstery and buttons and yellow No VOC paint.

Set of Lyer Back chairs. Gray and upholstered with Joel Dewberry fabric. Have I mentioned lately how much I love gray? I'm going to do a post all about it because it's my favorite colour right now. It's my neutral. Well, turquoise too. Hmm... which I also love. I just love colours. Except maroon. Not a huge fan of maroon. Anyway...

If this dresser could talk (and I assure you it cannot so don't be nervous about bringing it home with you) it would tell me that it loves me because it was a wreck that was overlooked and forgotten but we saved it from obscurity. It's now painted a cheerful pale pear colour.  And because it's sometimes hard to say good bye, we let it keep it's original hardware.

We thought we'd try something new because so many people contact us for custom pieces to fit their decor. This is our Chose Your Own Adventure Coffee Table. This airy table is  hard wood and is topped with glass for sparkle and durability but the rest is up to you! It's ready whatever colour you can imagine for your space! Email or call us if you would like to set up a custom design for this table or discuss some ideas and we can make your vision a reality.

And, thank you once again to Katelyn Fraser for her great photographs!!

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