Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make an appointment to visit our showroom in downtown Charlottetown...

Our lil' showroom is jam-packed with all of our own re-designed pieces and custom fabrics. Make an appointment to peruse or to discuss the pieces that you'd like to have re-designed for your home. call 902-314-6748 or email Melissa or Carly: turquoiseshed@gmail.com

All of the showroom pictures are courtesy of Katelyn Fraser Photo. Thanks, Katelyn!

View our custom fabrics!

The floor project we took on in the eleventh hour. Crazy? Maybe. But we love it.

With such a small space, we had no choice but to go vertical. We had shelving installed to take full advantage of every square inch.

Our muse, Miss Mabel Love (superim)posing with our office chair!

DIY shelf that Melissa whipped up using honest- to- God power tools. Sometimes, it's hard to find even a simple, white floating shelf here and so you need to move on to plan B.

Fresh flowers go a long way. And thanks to Kelly Clements- Genis from Think Feel Be for the beautiful tulips!

Our Showroom! We finished right in the nick of time. It was close but we had everything ready for the Grand Opening and were able to relax and enjoy all the visitors.

The Grand Opening! Melissa and her family...
photo courtesy of Leigh Elliot

Carly and the fam. Did I mention lately how pregnant I am?
photo courtesy of Leigh Elliot

Action shot of Melissa. Photo courtesy of Leigh Elliot

End of the night. Awww.... great friends/business partners! We're so lucky! But we couldn't have made it to this point without the help of our friends and families. Thank you everyone!


  1. Melissa, your shop looks great and I am so happy for you! You will do well my dear! looking forward to the wedding and spending some time in Charlottetown with Aunt Sue. We will be sure to make your shop one of those "have to see" places! Best of luck.. Lucia

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your shop. It's been a while since I stopped by, but it's amazing. It is so modern and classy and beautiful. Great job ladies! Did I mention how much I love your logo? lol I love the picture of Miss Mabel Love with your chair...Awesome!



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