Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Belated Free(ish) Friday!!

No More Blank Walls waiting to be filled!!

This weeks free-ish inspirations are to help fill those big empty walls with personality and style without having to go out and spend big bucks on "real" art.  We all want "real" art filling our walls but until then these ideas will fill the void and will help you become the "real" artist!!

Carly and I are doing just this in our own spaces right now...trying to fill big spaces creatively and as inexpensively as possible...we'll let you know which ideas we go for!!

These ideas come from  Do-It Yourself magazine which has some really great suggestions for all things diy...they have ideas for EVERY style so it may feel like a lot of searching when you are looking through their many many inspirations but every now and then you hit pay dirt!!

I love this idea!  In the lighting section of your local hardware store they will have a selection of ceiling medallions...just pick a few styles and sizes, a paint palette, paint, and hang randomly for a fun, funky wall.

Frame some fabric with mismatched frames, (this project is great because the frames don't need glass and that is easier to find at flea markets!) add some pretty push-pins or even nails and hang your lovely jewelry, with a pretty mirror for admiring yourself!


Find a table cloth in your colours (or get inspired for your room colours by a great table cloth!), cut it into  pieces to fit into a variety of frames, paint the frames to coordinate and voila! 
Hang the whole thing!!  This could also be done with a curtain rod mounted to the wall and curtain clips.

These shutters are available all the time at Habitat for Humanities Re-Stores, sometimes they are already a great colour, sometimes not.  Paint it out to match your room and fill it full of pretty things...

It is hard to cut up is I know!  But just tell yourself (and this is true) that the pretty pictures you find in them will be more fully enjoyed on your wall then stuffed onto your shelf!  Even better if you can find one that is already damaged in some way....guilt aside this is a very cheap and easy way to get some fantastic art! Below is a grouping of text from a children's book which is very graphic and pretty as well.

How will we ever choose!!!  

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  1. <3! The ceiling medallions are beautiful! So clever!



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