Friday, February 4, 2011

turkish towels

I don't know who was talking about these to me lately, or why but I came across them on Etsy and now  I can't remember what I went to Etsy to find because all I can think about are these towels. How many should I get? What color? Pattern??! SIZE?! I need these.

The store is called well, Turkish Towel and they sell hand woven traditional Turkish bath towels, called a Peshtemal.

I guess this is a man who makes them?  Apparently these towels are as absorbent as my bland towels are and they dry faster.  And they're versatile! If you get bored of using them as towels, you can use it as a table cloth. Their idea, not mine. I say pick a side and stay there. But I do like options.

I would use this as a table cloth.

It would be my new favorite thing that I own. And we just bought a new car.

I put these in my cart.

Then I saw these and had to look at them all before I could commit.

I've never felt like this before.

Either this towel is gigantic or those are tiny shoes. Regardless, I need this. And then I'll have to redo my bathroom to make it as nice as my towels. Now that's one hell of a towel!

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