Friday, February 4, 2011

chalkboard wall

consider a this: an entire wall dedicated to your to-do list? And perhaps some room on the bottom for your kids to show off their artistic skills (which they obviously got from you)?

 I painted a chalkboard wall on an otherwise useless wall that jutted out slightly in my kitchen. And don't picture some old school house green chalkboard taking up valuable real estate in my kitchen! You can get chalkboard paint tinted in any colour (tip: it's not advertised that you can get chalkboard paint in any colour but if you tell your paint expert that you don't mind if they try anyway, you can usually get what you want). 

I found this moody chalkboard wall on apartment therapy. I definitely want to copy this picture frame idea for visual interest and also to house my most important reminders. 

Alright, this one is so great that I feel self conscious of my utilitarian version. Happy medium: I'm keeping the to-do lists (I need them.) and adding the empty frame but adding ever changing 'art' inside the frame- a smaller scale of this awesome wall. 

cute. But not advised if you like to sit up and read in bed. I'm so tired by the time I force myself to go to bed that I'm not at risk for chalk head. 

well. who wouldn't love a pink chalkboard wall??

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