Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's a good thing that the internet is just a fad. There's too much to distract me from my work!

I defy you to go to Etsy to find something specific and actually stay on task. It's very difficult! I went to my Etsy account in order to reply to inquiries and here's what happened instead. (P.S: sorry if you are waiting to hear back from us! Can you blame me for being distracted?!)

I'm just going to take a peak around Etsy and then I'll be able to focus on work. I love my boss! I also love this "Bubble Chandelier by Jean Pelle" by Lighting

I love these "Little Darlings" and everything by Rosebud Beads.
I'm just settling into my coffee now anyway so then I'll be perked up enough to work. Till then...

Cute. I need this to put my stuff in. Like those Little Darlings earings...  "Vintage Faux Jewel Turquoise Tin" by B.Inspired Vintage

Alright. I'm starting to get that feeling like I should get down to business but instead I found this shop and piece:

"Work Hard Sleep Hard- Graphic Design Print", by Hue Concept

I can take a hint. I should put this right above my desk. Plus, I just spilled coffee on my new shirt. Bah.

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