Thursday, May 6, 2010


A friend is painting her new place and was contemplating grey. Some people have been trying to talk her out of it. Now, I may be biased (because there is a lot of grey in my house) but I love grey. Here are some examples of grey rooms that prove that grey isn't boring, dark or drab. In fact, it can easily be calming, crisp, luxe and chic. So, there.

I love grey + yellow.  And with all that pattern and texture, you can't say it's boring. Well, you can do whatever you want. But you'd be wrong.

Grey can be luxe. Which is not boring. 

NOT boring/bland/dark. Thank you.
(Elle Decor via The Lennoxx)

I mean, come on! Grey AND turquoise?!
(Domino via House Of Turquoise

Case. Closed. 
(via bkkhome)

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