Monday, June 7, 2010

hidden rooms

I want a secret, hidden room! I have a big mouth though and would probably tell everyone about it, so it wouldn't be much of a secret. If I managed to keep it to myself, I'd probably mostly use it hide my dirty laundry when guests came over. Literally. I mean my dirty laundry and not crimes I've committed in the past. Here are some of my favorite hidden rooms that I've found and intend to bring to my architect whenever we build a house and I get an architect.

 This looks like a secret bathroom. I would love to have a secret bathroom that my husband didn't know about. I'd also love that light fixture...

 That looks like one hell of a secret room. It has pillars!

This is the most dramatic entrance to a hidden room that I've come across. No one ever thinks to try and move the stairs! I could keep all my diaries from junior high and high school safe forever in there.

 Harry Potter's boudoir.

 I saved my favorite for last. Some genius cut the back off of an old armoire and had it fixed to the doorway of his kid's playroom. I would have loved this/I would love this! (apartment therapy)


  1. I have always wanted to have a secret narnia doorway!! Someday...

  2. hey, thanks for the follow! stopping by to tell you about my giveaway! stop by when you get a minute!!

  3. Very cool rooms! I'm new to the blog and I love what you do. I've just started a furniture upcycling business in Winnipeg and it's SO NICE to meet fellow Canadian bloggers!




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