Thursday, January 27, 2011

double the fun?

We're working on adding a bunk bed to a girl's room we're designing. There's something comforting about a bunk bed, isn't there? I think of sleepovers and camp. But now we're thinking of how to pretty them up, too. Bunk beds have come a long way. Proof:

There's hide-a-beds and then there's hide-a-bunk-beds.

Oooh. Bunk bed built-ins. They look like they're on a fancy ship. Or a band's tour bus. A really clean, classy band. 

 When I was a kid I begged my father to build me one of those bunk beds that had a desk and closet under it. Basically, a whole room in a bunk bed. It never happened. There's a hole in my heart because of that.  I would also loved this in a different colour. 

As you can see, ladders have also come a long way.

Let's hope this next one isn't the bunk bed of my relationship's future:

Here's an ad for bunk beds. Not sure what's going on exactly?

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