Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I lurve a good furniture make over. I should. It's my business. Why we haven't posted our own before & afters yet is beyond me?? Well, I tend to forget to take a pic before the paint is sprayed or I deliver a custom piece and drive away only to realize that I didn't document the change. I've turned the corner though. Today I pulled over and took a chair out of the trunk so I could capture the 'after' before I dropped it off. Close call.

Before: a client's hand me down chair.

After: Hey! Our custom fabric looks great! This occasional chair is now sitting in the entry way of a beautiful home.

Why, hello? Would you look at what we have here? We happen to have two very similar chairs and this is how they turned out.  Dear chair lover: we only have one left, xoxo.

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